Configuring HyTrust KeyControl in a HA Cluster

Now that you have you deployed and configured your first KeyControl appliance. You can continue with setting up KeyControl in a High Availability (HA) cluster. In order to do this, we’ll need to deploy a second KeyControl appliance into the environment. The following steps assume you have already deployed and configured the primary KeyControl appliance...
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HyTrust KeyControl Quick Install Guide

I’ve updated my KeyControl Quick Install Guide to be in line with the latest release of KeyControl 4.2.1.  Quite frankly, this version is even easier to deploy than previous versions and those were easy to install, to begin with.  This guide is intended to help you get KeyControl installed very quickly in your environments so that...
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Free HyTrust KeyControl for VMware vExperts

  I’m very happy to announce that HyTrust is now offering a free one-year KeyControl license to all current vExperts. Many vExperts have reached out or have been redirected to me via Slack, Twitter, and other social media outlets asking for a KeyControl temp license for functionality testing in their labs and blogging purposes. Many...
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HyTrust – A Year and Some Change Later

  The last year and a half has been a whirlwind. Going from VMware, then to PernixData, and finally over to HyTrust. I’ve been so busy in my new role that I actually forgot that a whole year has gone by. October 1, had marked my 1 year anniversary at HyTrust. I get to work...
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Hello World!

          Well it’s official! I’ve decided to start blogging. There are a number of bloggers that have egged me on to start blogging for some time now. You know who are. Some work or have worked for VMware, EMC, HP, Dell, you know… the usual suspects. 😉  I’ve always put my...
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