Free HyTrust KeyControl for VMware vExperts


I’m very happy to announce that HyTrust is now offering a free one-year KeyControl license to all current vExperts. Many vExperts have reached out or have been redirected to me via Slack, Twitter, and other social media outlets asking for a KeyControl temp license for functionality testing in their labs and blogging purposes. Many have asked about HyTrust providing an NFR temp license for vExperts and I’ve been able to accommodate the vExpert community on a case by case basis. Today that has changed. We are now offering a free one-year KeyControl license to all current vExperts for use in non-production\lab environments. This is a fully functional license. As long as you’re a current member in the vExpert community you will be provided access.

Now you can enable both vSphere and vSAN native encryption in your labs. Another great value-add here is that we also give you 5 free policy agents as part of that license that you can use to encrypt 5 virtual machines with DataControl. What we’re really doing here is giving you, our valued vExpert community, the option to test against the various encryption use cases you may have in your own environments. I will also be updating the vExpert “freebies” page in short order.

A big thank you to Jase McCarty, Dave Morera, Matt Callaway, Nick Korte, Tony Reeves, Michael White, Edward Haletky, Tim Sandy, Cormac Hogan, and Rawlinson Rivera for helping get the word about HyTrust KeyControl out. We truly appreciate the assist.

So without further ado, here is the link that you can use to register for a free one-year KeyControl License: vExpert KeyControl License.

Fill out the form and once your active vExpert status has been verified, you will receive your license via the email you provided when registering. Please use the email you have associated with your vExpert account to avoid any confusion and help verify your status quickly.

Enjoy fellow vExperts!

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