HyTrust CloudControl – Replacing An Expired License

I’ve seen this request to help replace an expired license on HyTrust CloudControl (HTCC) come up several times now. It’s a pretty straightforward process and not complicated at all, but it made sense to create a quick post as to how to replace an expired license. As mentioned before, CloudControl is our solution that provides a great many benefits for organizations that are trying to establish some intelligent control over on-prem and their hybrid\multi-cloud VMware environments. HTCC provides Two-factor authentication, Root Password Vaulting, Secondary Approvals, and Access Controls to name a few.

When you log into a current and fully license CloudControl system, you’re immediately dropped into the HTCC Dashboard page as shown in the snippet below.

If your license has expired and you log into HTCC, you are immediately dropped into the licensing section of CloudControl and you only see 3 menu items as opposed to 6 menu items on the menu bar. So now what? How do you recover and get your HTCC system back? First off, you’ll need to obtain a current and up to date license file. The following video assumes you have already obtained a new license file. To see how to replace the license, check out the video below. Happy watching!