About Me

Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Vic Camacho. Kick your feet up and take a small moment to read.

viccamacho.us is a personal blog that is mainly focused on cutting-edge leading technologies, (like VMware & HyTrust) and fitness, but I will, occasionally, blog about something that is not related to either but has piqued my interest.

So who am I at my core…

Those that know me personally, know that I’m all about family, treating others well, and good friends. I feel that life is too short to be caught up in any negativity. Helping my fellow man & woman is something that is important to me. For all the things that I’ve done and accomplished, it has always been in support of what’s important. And for me, that means family and good friends. At the end of the day, if someone can breathe a little easier due to my efforts, then I’ve done my job as a good person.

What do I do professionally…

Let’s do this in the third person! It sounds like fun.

Vic Camacho is currently serving as the National Strategic Solutions Architect for HyTrust.Inc. where he works with Business Development, Tech Marketing, and Channel Alliances. His main focus is fostering, managing, and enabling large strategic partnerships and communicating HyTrust’s vision and strategy on securing on-prem and hybrid cloud environments. Prior to moving to HyTrust, he served as a Cloud Architect for VMware in their Professional Services Organization, before taking on a role as a Sr. Technical Account Manager – Tech Lead with the TAM Organization. He is well known throughout the virtual community as a thought leader on Cloud Enterprise Architectures and has planned, designed, and deployed complex SDDC and Cloud infrastructures at various fortune 500 organizations in the financial, retail, healthcare, software, energy, and entertainment industries. As well as some of the largest SLED accounts in the US.

What am I passionate about…

Watching my 3 young sons grow into men and fully enjoying the experience. Spending good quality time with my wife and finding really cool things to do together. Finally, I love that I have found fitness again. I was lost from it for a good deal of time, but I’m glad that I’m back. Fitness has helped me to reclaim that part of me that lay dormant for far too long. It has helped me to reclaim life. It has helped me engage more fully with my sons and allowed me to help others reclaim theirs. On a side note, I get a great deal of satisfaction, knowing that I can run circles around most 20-something-year-olds. You’ll hear more about health & wellness in blog posts.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here on viccamacho.us are so solely mine and do not reflect the opinions of HyTrust or any other organization.